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The Phoenix of Persia

Music for a children's illustrated book

Composed by:

Saeid Kordmafi

Amir Eslami

Arash Moradi

Niloufar Habibian

Initiated by:

Laudan Nooshin


Tiny Owl Publishing

The Phoenix of Persia is a picture book by Sally Pomme Clayton and Amin Hassanzadeh Sharif, that also features a resource box for schools, a musical composition and a programme of events. Professor Laudan Nooshin’s idea has spawned a multidisciplinary work that will engage children and raise awareness of Iranian culture


In partnership with Tiny Owl Publishing, alongside Arts Council England and the Iran Heritage Foundation, she has helped to produce a story she hopes will enchant a new generation of young readers.

Listen to Saeid's Performance in the Phoenix of Perisa 


Saeid Kordmafi's in the Phoenix of Persia 


“It was important to choose the right musicians for the project and eventually four Iranian musicians were invited to take part: Arash Moradi, who had been part of the LPO project (tanbur – plucked lute); Nilufar Habibian (qanun - plucked dulcimer); Saedi Kord Mafi (santur – hammered dulcimer and daff – frame drum); and Amir Eslami (nei – end-blown flute). Workshop sessions began with the musicians and storyteller in May 2018, the aim being to compose and shape the music around the story […] A certain amount of the creative process was therefore collaborative and it was interesting to see the music evolve organically and take shape in this way over a period of months” (“The Shahnameh Project: Disseminating Iranian musical culture in Britain”2021)

PROF. Laudan Nooshin

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