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Saeid Kordmafi

Ali Kazemi

Vocals: Mojtaba Asgari

Noufe Music,



Ṭorreh-ye Navâ Saeid Kordmafi
00:00 / 01:50
Âvâz-e MajosliSaeid Kordmafi
00:00 / 01:02

Ashirân won the First Prizes of the Mugham International Festival 2013. Focusing on some obsolete segments of Dastgâh-i Navâ the traditional rendition of which can rarely be heard in nowadays classical Iranian music, this project follows the same aesthetic- theoretical approach developed in the previous projects of the ensemble. Furthermore, in order to enhance rhythmic-metric, formal and modal aspects of the work, the composers have in part borrowed a few metric and formal formulas as well as modal units from the musical neighbours in the maqam realm.         

photo_2021-12-17 18.12_edited.jpg


"The release of this album should be taken as a good omen […] We have reached a turning point in producing classical Iranian music where we have an interesting and coherent album with innovative musical ideas […]  I say a turning point as I feel that something is truly happening. A new musical language is growing. Any musical development, in my view, takes place by means of creating a new musical language. This new musical language currently focuses on the art of composition" ( CD launch, 2019).



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