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Saeid Kordmafi

Ali Kazemi

Vocals: Mehdi Emami

Mahoor Institute of Culture & Art


DarâmadSaeid Kordmafi
00:00 / 02:02
Ṭaṣnif BâzâSaeid Kordmafi
00:00 / 01:12

The project is the outcome of numerous practice sessions held by Saeid Kordmafi, Ali Kazemi, Mehdi Emami and Farid Kheradmand from Summer 2009 to Winter 2010. Creative ideas of the album resonate with musicians’ concern to maintain a strong tie with the aesthetic characteristics of classical Iranian music while adopting an innovative approach to the given musical system/tradition. The work concentrates on those dimensions of so-called Dastgâhi music legacy which have been rarely addressed in creative practice of Iranian musicians. The activist approach developed in Bazm-e Dowr is to enrich classical Iranian music in certain domains, i.e., mode-melody, rhythm- meter, setting lyrics to music, musical form (including both macro and micro formal maps) as well as performance techniques and strategies.

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" From a perspective of album reception, the listeners’ knowledge could be an advantage as well as a hindrance. From the perspective of someone whose relationship with Iranian music is based on a polyphony of Iranian and non-Iranian voices, and whose imagination, as a non Iranian listener, has many times filled the gaps of experience, Bazm-e Dowr owns its success to the strength of its expressive output. It is precisely by transcending the methodological and theoretical matters that were at the heart of Bazm-e Dowr’s making and presentation that the creators will maintain the strongest line of dialogue with their listeners, through which they can learn from each other. Maybe this was their ultimate aim..."


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