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Saeid Kordmafi

Ali Kazemi

Mahoor Institute of Culture & Arts


Bedâhe-Sâzi is the first collaborative music-making project of Saeid Kordmafi and Ali Kazemi.  The concept of Bedâhe-Sâzi (verbalised and theorised for the first time by the same musicians) serves as the heart of the album. The two pieces of work included have resulted from a large number of improvisatory performances rather than  composers' abstract reflection. It is, in fact, a composition based on improvisation. Bringing a sort of “musical dissolve” to mind, this duet develops a particular approach to the rendition of classical Iranian music; one which aims to reactivate forgotten and unaddressed potentials in the given tradition.

Watch an Extract of the Concert of  Bedahe-Sazi

photo_2021-12-20 21.00_edited.jpg
photo_2021-12-20 21.00_edited.jpg


“The album comprises a program by two musicians of the new generation  which is worth to write something about for it keeps a “felicitous distance” from the so-called improvisation. By “distance”, I mean these young musicians have not left their Shour and Homayoun in the hand of accidence and mere “spontaneity”. It is to say, what you hear is already precomposed and designed. Besides, I use the term of “felicitous” since this design has led to the creation of a coherent and homogenous piece of work that one may rarely come across nowadays […] These representatives of the new generation has aimed to take advantage of the existing potentials of classical Iranian music rather than being inspired by the fashionable musical practices. Their works, far from any type of sentimentalism or the temptation of expressionism, is a condensed pure music that can hardly be reduced or augmented; two economical pieces of work; neither short nor long.” (The Booklet of Bedâhe-Sâzi 2012).


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