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Saeid Kordmafi

Payam Jahanbani

Ehsan Zabihifar

Saeid Nayebmohammadi

Initiated by 

Sasan Fatemi

Mahoor Institute of Culture & Art


01-Robâ‘i Homâyun_1Saeid Kordmafi
00:00 / 01:15

Sarkhâneh includes 9 pieces based on forms, metres and word-setting techniques of the pre-modern music tradition of Iran. This album results from Sasan Fatemi’s long-term research on old music treatises as well as classical musics of the neighbouring traditions. The compositional ideas are based on the outcomes of this research. Almost all the pieces employ old formal templates of pishrow, ‘amal, basiṭ and ghazal and thus completely differ from the main-stream compositional style in Iranian music nowadays.


"After listening to Sarkhâneh several times, my perception is that one or two composers of the album have come a long way to compose their first work (if it is indeed their first work). They have learned, acquired, thought and been brave. They have taken the first step confidently and firmly, respecting their audience’s taste and understanding. Some of the compositions of this album are truly beautiful, having well-thought designs and structures alongside an innovative instrumentation. They comprise beautiful and unpredictable forms and their melodies are flowing, colourful and attractive  (Mahoor Music Quarterly, No. 47:164-165)."

Mohammad Eftekhari


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